Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thanks, Wonder Years!

We received a treat in the mail this week! We were lucky enough to win a book give away from our friends at Wonder Years in honor of Sam's birthday. This book has been a hot commodity ever since, requiring our best negotiating skills in order to have the most independent reading time with it.

Even though our home library already boasts a vast collection of books on sharks (we do have three boys, after all,) this one was different--it had flaps to lift. And even Kimball is not too old to appreciate a good lift-the-flap book. We also liked that the text wasn't too intimidating for our budding reader, Henry. In short, it was the perfect book to add to our bookshelf. If you have a little shark enthusiast at home (or know one,) drop by Sonja's online bookstore and pick one up. You may find others there you're dying to have, like this one I've been eyeing:
or this one, which we already have and love:
Whatever topic your kiddos like (or you want them to like), you are sure to find a book there that you simply MUST have!

Thanks again, Sam!

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Sonja said...

You're welcome! We're so glad you like it! :)

Thanks for the kind comments. :)