Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kimball's Cinematic Premiere

Linking Cube Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
Chapter 1: Jabba's Palace

We did very little formal schooling this week since we were very busy with other things. Kimball decided that he wanted to make a movie of his "Linking Cube Star Wars" ideas. He built the characters, props, and the set. He tried to shoot the movie himself, but after several frustrating attempts, he solicited Mom's help. This was our 4th take and the best for the time we had to work with--unfortunately, you can hear someone outside resealing our concrete during part of it. Kimball is proud of his work and hopes to shoot future mini-episodes of Linking Cube Star Wars.


scrap chair potato said...

We loved it! The boys were telling me which character they were. (They have been assigning themselves to a character every time they watch a movie lately.)

Ned said, "I thought it was pretty cool."

Dusty said, "It was like Star Wars Transformers." (He thought the characters looked like robots.)

We look forward to the mini-episodes!

Allison said...

Very cool Kimball. I love your voices, and I especially like Princess Leah's wardrobe changes.

Keli & Mike said...

Great job Kimball! I love it!

Sonja said...

Holy cow! I see a future director, actor, artist, sculpture.. What a great imagination and very nice handwriting at the beginning.

My two year old, Anna was watching it with me. When it was done she said,"Again mom!"

Good job Kimball!

Samuel said...

I can sum that up in one word,
totally awesome!
ooops...that was two words.

Kimball said...

it's a great video!