Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekly Report-- Our Week Off

This week was our first scheduled break. I am so glad that I planned these in, because it was really nice for all of us to take a break. I had planned on keeping our same structure in the morning: Family Devotional, breakfast, get dressed, make beds, brush teeth, journal, personal scripture study and prayer, piano practice, etc.. However, these things only happened on a couple of days. The boys took turns feeling sick, having caught the cold that I'd had the week before. We had lazier mornings.

We made cupcakes and took them to the park to celebrate cousin Isaac's b

We made bread and shared it with some people that we love.

We had some friends come over to play one morning to give their pregnant mommy a break.

We went to the library and picked out lots of new books.

We learned how to play Settlers of Catan. (It might still be a little early for this.)

We did some cleaning (but not nearly enough.)

We made invitations to Ian's birthday party and delivered them.

I also conquered the ironing pile that was threatening to take over my bedroom. I did my mom's taxes. I finished my book, Wives and Daughters, and started the Poisonwood Bible. I talked on the phone more than usual. I vacuumed in the middle of the week!:) I made whole wheat bread, banana bread, and dinner rolls. I attended an IEP for Henry's speech services. I took a nap.

Things I had meant to do this week and never got around to:
  • Lesson plans for the next 6 weeks (oops!)
  • Plant a fall garden
  • Wash all the windows in the house
  • Decorate for Halloween
  • Bake rolls and freeze them for an upcoming business event
  • Go to lunch with some girlfriends
  • Play soccer with the boys (since they didn't have soccer this week)
  • Buy and wrap some Christmas gifts
I got up extra early this morning and got my lesson plans done for the coming week. I'm going to have to make time this week to get our plans done until Thanksgiving. But we had a great time being productive and being lazy and being together. And we (especially the kids) were ready by the end of the week for the structure of school again!


scrap chair potato said...

Sounds like a great week. I love the photos.
I absolutely love the invitations. I am saving that in my little brain for the future. What a great idea!

Nicole said...
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Simply Stamps said...

I love the invites! Charlie & Kimbal are in Scouts together. I didn't know you homeschooled your kids as well! We will have to get together sometime.