Saturday, June 13, 2009

Field Trip Update

Post on a recent field trip on my other blog. Go here to read all about it.


Art Reed said...

There is a “New Guy On The Block.”

A retired Saxon math teacher has created DVD “video” tutorials for John Saxon’s math books beginning with algebra 1/2.

They sell for $49.95 for a series (including free shipping).

He also wrote a book on how to correctly use Saxon math books.

Take a look at

Art Reed

Henry Cate said...

Please consider submitting something to the Carnival of Homeschooling.

Marti said...

Michal... are you still getting these comments? This is Marti from "People are Candy." I was looking at your movie list. ISHTAR? I thought I was the only one who liked that movie!

"Il Postino" and "Persuasion." And have a great day!

Michal said...

Marti! you are so sweet to stop by for a visit.:)

i'll admit that i saw il postino at byu years ago but no longer remember much about it. time for a re-viewing. persuasion? love. it.

HomemadeMother said...

I was to participate in this blog-chain-mail thing called "10 Things That Make Me Happy." It is a really fun exercise, and I think if everyone did this (either in the privacy of their own home or on a blog) we'd all quickly realize just how blessed and fortunate we really are.

I'd love to see your Top 10 posted on your blog!