Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What They Did Today Instead of Math

I really intended to have our individual math lessons today. Really, I did. But we decided to do history first this morning and had so much fun with it. Then, after Henry went to speech, we went to the park because you never know how long this 65 degree weather will last. When we got home, I put Bronwen down for a nap and sat down to check my email, telling the kids that we'd start math in 10 minutes. But they have been so busy being creative and brilliant that I haven't wanted to interfere. So, instead, I have spent the past hour and a half online (gulp--where does the time go?) and they have built a "habitat" for Henry's plastic lizard

and then discovered some dinosaur bones in the backyard.

Warning: you may need a dramamine before you watch this. We haven't studied cinematography quite yet, and this was filmed by our students.

I guess it's not too late for math to happen. We are heading out for a walk next because we all need some exercise and did I mention how gorgeous the weather is? But I'll commit now that they will at least do some math worksheets before the day is over. In the meantime, I am remembering how much learning takes place away from the dining room table.


Scrappy said...

I love the lizard habitat and that video made my day! :)

Nana said...

I loved the video - I would like to see more on location reporting from those boys!

Suldog said...

The video was awesome! No need to apologize - like Nana, I'd love to see more!

TheQueen@TerrorsInTiaras said...

I found this blog and wondered if you knew about it. It's a homeschool blog that gives something away every day. (As if you don't have enough blogs to check...) Don't know if it's wort your while, but thought I'd pass it on just in case. homeschoolfreebie.