Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Monday's Nature Walk

Monday we took a nature walk. Near our home is a creek and a wilderness area with a winding walkway. We love that we are in the neighborhood and yet feel like we are taking a walk in the woods (except for the paved path.) We were especially paying attention to birds as we walked and listened.

We heard woodpeckers and eventually Mom spied one, but he blended in so well with the tree that the others had a hard time spotting him, and when she tried to take a photo, he disappeared. We saw some birds that looked like this one:

We haven't researched it yet. We really need to get the Handbook of Nature Study. Anyone know a good website for identifying birds?

The boys took one path that wasn't fit for strollers and got a little closer to the creek. They took these pictures:

The bottom one is out of focus, but we were excited to see a mother duck with her ducklings. We counted seven of them and wondered if mommies can have seven babies at a time (Mom says it is rare.) The duck and ducklings were all quacking while they swam.

We found lots of acorn tops with the nut inside gone. We wondered if birds or squirrels had eaten them. The boys estimated that there were 1,000 squirrels living along the stream (I think that the neighbors would complain if that were true.) We wondered how we could get a better count.

We also picked up trash that we found along our walk and deposited it in the trash can at the end of our walk. This has been a habit instituted by the boys since our trip to Monterey last summer, when they learned that litter ends up in streams and then in the ocean, which can be dangerous for humans, fish, and animals.

We love taking these nature walks and wish that they lasted longer. We always seem to be hurrying back to get Henry to afternoon kindergarten. We are looking forward to having everyone home full time in June and next school year.


Allison said...

That is a beautiful place for a walk! I'm excited to read more about what you are doing in TA.

Anonymous said...

I really love your lesson plan for the week. Look in my playroom bookcase. There may be some history books you would like.

Myrna Mom

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I love this idea of a family homeschool blog. I think I need to do this. My daughter keeps asking for her own blog but I am hesitant to give her one, but a family one would be great.

I love that picture right at the edge of the water. The water looks so metalic and reflective.

nickandstaci said...

Another blog to read of yours, YIPEE! I was wondering where this park is? I feel bad tha I have no idea where it is!

Rebecca said...

What beautiful pictures! I love your weekly plan as well. History has been a weak point for me, and what I ended up doing was using Beautiful Feet for a springboard. I use the library to get books they recommend and others that I find on the subject. For now, that's working nicely.

Love the layout, by the way.

Sonja said...

Hooray! I LOVE your home school blog. I knew I would. Those are great nature pictures. There are few things as thrilling as seeing little ducklings swimming with their mom.
A great site for bird id is:

Michal said...

i knew you would have a good resource for bird watching. thanks.

staci, it's just the greenbelt near our home. i don't think it even has a name. but i can tell you about some great spots around for a nature walk if you want to call or email me. in an attempt to keep an internet veil of secrecy (to prevent stalkers) i don't really want to give those kind of details here.