Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Week's Plans

Read Aloud: The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare
Math: Saxon Lessons 90-94 (K), assigned homework (H), tanagrams and linking cubes (I)
Copywork: Paragraph from The Family: A Proclamation
Science: Nature Walk, gardening, Science Friday lesson TBD
Physical Fitness: Martial Arts (K), bike riding, jogging
Reading: The Wizard of Oz (K), Nate the Great (H), Two Women of Galilee (Mommy), plus assorted library books (all)
History: Um . . . library books and The Bronze Bow. I need to work on this.
Hymn of the Week: Ere You Left Your Room This Morning, Hymn 140
Family Principle: Respect
Scripture Study: Alma 12-13
Life Skills: Build a website/blog, dishwasher loading, gardening
Remember to have fun!


mindyluwho said...

I like the remember to have fun part! Very important.

Great idea on the blog!

Michal said...

as a mom, i am sometimes so list oriented that i forget the "have fun" part. so if i put it on the list, i not only remember, but i'm motivated to check it off!